Sri Lanka is a small island with noted heritage, culture and values. All the aspects were made concerning this unique culture. With the mixing of modern elements with traditional aspects, the culture of Si Lanka has got a regional diversity. Many facets of life and constitutes were pervaded by religion and of course those are the primary elements of this heterogeneity. When it comes to the culture of Sri Lanka, delicious cultural food on this island is a paramount fact to talk about. Sri Lanka has adapted its food culture into a mingle of different curry portions and tasty dishes. Sri Lankan food can be hot or very mild and the nature of the food is derived from the “ Chena“ cultivation. With certainty, Sri Lankans strictly love spices, deep-fried items to taste to rejoice their mouths with happiness.

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As mentioned above, regional diversity of food culture can be seen too. This means that the same food is made in different ways in different regions. In the North region, most of their flavors much the same to distinct South Indian flavors, with more savory taste. In the South region of Sri Lanka dishes are very spicy, hot, and mild and dishes consist of vintage fish curries because there are fishing villages in the coastal strip. `Ambulthiyal` is a unique spicy fish dish with gamboge paste and typically `Balaya`, `Kelawalla` which are native fish to Sri Lanka are used to make this sour fish dish. Also lime pickle (“lunudehi“) and pickled fish (“Jadi“) are some tangs in the south region of the country. Since they could dry them in the sun during rainless days, they are made by using preserve methods.

In the western region there`s a pretty much foreign influence and their dishes are made using wheat flour. Since upper western coastal region is dry, fish is dried with salt as a preservative called dry fish “karawala“. In the central region like in Matale district and Kandy district cloves, cardamoms, nutmeg and pepper flavored food items are abundant. There are three ethnic groups; Sinhala, Muslim and Tamil and there are a variety of dishes among them.


The main food of Sri Lankans in most of the time is rice and curry and it is the staple food. Curries are known for their blazing hot spicy flavors and various dishes were prepared using coconut milk according to a multitude of methods of cooking from soups, meat, seafood, lentils, and vegetables, and so on. Sliced onions, green chilies, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg are some items that have frequently been using to add flavors to various dishes. In a basic rice and curry meal there is one fish/chicken curry, two different vegetables, one portion of fried crispy stuff like `papadam`, `mallum` (chopped leaves and coconut) and a gravy of spiced and cooked with coconut milk.

 After the main meal, enjoying a dessert is typical in Sri Lanka. Curd and treacle and sweetmeats which are made from rice flour, palm treacle, jaggery along with various fruits are very quotidian among Sri Lankans. Preparation of treacle will change by Palm, Coconut, Kithul, and Palmyra. `Kavum`, `kokis`, `Halape`, `Thalaguli`, `watalappan` are some juicy sweetmeats which are frequently used in our country.

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